Golden Gardens --"The Gold Standard for the Golden Years"



A "Gold Standard" is a commonly applied, definitve benchmark or standard against which all others are compared.  It is by consensus the paragon of excellence - the perfect embodiment of a concept. 


We proudly accept being labeled as the region's "Gold Standard" for Assisted Living Facilities, which are also known as Board & Care Facilities, Assisted Care Living Facilities, Residential Care Homes, and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). 

What is An Assisted Living Facility?

An innovation from the 1990s, Assisted Living Facilities are based upon a philosophy for services for the elderly which promote independence and dignity. The facilities are regulated and licensed by the State, provide supervision/assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), coordinate services with outside health care providers, monitor residents to insure their health, safety and well-being.


These facilities provide full-time living arrangements in the least restrictive and most home-like setting, when compared to institutions which provide comparable services.



What Distinguishes Us?

We are identified as being unequaled, as being the best - The Gold Standard - in part, for the following reasons:


  • Unlike controlling facilities, we do not dictate when or where our residents eat, sleep, or play.  They have the freedom to pursue their personal passions.


  • Unlike some other facilities, the owner administrator and manager of Golden Gardens are fully committed, without the adverse encumbrance of other businesses, to achieving our mission of providing the best possible care and environment for our residents.  They also live on-site. Golden Gardens is for us a full time activity, not a part time investment.


  • We promote independence, while we ensure the residents' safety, care and dignity with a focus on wellness, based upon their changing needs.


  • Our doors are always open for family members, no matter the time of day.  If they want to stay overnight, they are invited to do so.


  • We offer free, profesional counseling regarding applying for benefits, such as from the VA, etc.


  • We use for our meals fresh fruits and vegetables from our gardens.


  • We personalize the experience of each resident within our extended family, customizing their programs of activities.


  • We try to nurture the spirit of the residents through creativity as associated with the arts, should they be willing to participate.


  • We try to help everyone feel as though they are in their own home.


  • We offer the highest quality services and environment for the most reasonable price.