Our Grounds



Although we are located near the center of the Village of Fallbrook (within a two minute drive to medical clinics, shopping and churches), the foliage and the environs surrounding our site give the realistic impression that we are in a very peaceful and bucolic setting.



Our backyard has a secured, locked perimeter fence, in order to help ensure the safety of our residents.



In order to facilitate the nurturing of the spirit of our residents through the arts, we provide in the rear yard an arts/crafts pavilion.  At various times during the week, we offer in the pavilion selected craft and art activities.  Each resident may at anytime access the pavilion and most all materials therein.



We have several outdoor seating areas onsite:

      Front yard - near the flagpole

      Gazebos - with music and table

      Picnic table

      Rear patio seating areas (3)

      Pergola seating near the outdoor barbeque/kitchen area



Family members of our residents are invited to utilize the grounds, including the barbeque, as if those facilities were theirs.  We particularly encourage family get togethers, focusing on the social needs of our residents.


We have an area specifically designated for exercising, with mats, equipment, etc. 



We have several gardens onsite:

      Rose Garden

      Succulent Garden

      Tropical Garden, with sculpture and fountain

           (WIth a trellis covered with passion fruit vines)

      Vegetable Garden, with melon patch

      Herb Garden

      Berry Patch



These gardens also provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy some gardening should they desire to do so.



The wide variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables we grow onsite help provide our residents with the freshest food possible.


For example: we have the following selection of fruit trees onsite:

      Apple (1)

      Avocado (3)

      Banana (7)

      Calamondin  (2)

      Cherry, Stella Sweet (1)

      Fig, Brown Turkey  (1)

      Grapefruit  (2)

      Guava, Strawberry (1)

      Guava, Tropical White (1)

      Kumquat (1)

      Lemon, Myers (1)

      Lime, Bearss (1)

      Loquat, Gold Nugget (2)

      Mango, Manila (1)

      Nectarine, Panamint (1)


         Naval  (2)

         Valencia  (6)

         Mandarin  (1) 

         Blood  (1)    

      Papaya (1)

      Peach   (1)

      Peach, Little Jeanne (3)

      Pear, Danjou (1)

      Persimmon  (1)

      Plum, Santa Rosa  (1)

      Pomegranate (2)

      Pomelo  (1)

      Tangelo  (1)

      Tangerine  (3)

Views of Our Grounds (To enlarge, click on photo)